About Us

LAPCO-inset_v08An Experienced Team

LAPCO engineers have been providing custom design and fabrication-procurement solutions from our offices in Central Virginia for a quarter of a century. Our team members are not only attuned to system performance and technical excellence, they also recognize the importance of clear communication and outstanding customer service.

Broad-Based Production

LAPCO has partnered with several of the most capable, high-quality manufacturers in the eastern U.S. to produce our systems. The fact that we have multiple resources enables us to be much more responsive—and to accommodate greater peaks in production—than companies that are limited by the workload in one internal shop.

Because of the combined expertise of LAPCO and our production partners, your product can be designed and manufactured in accordance with the strict requirements of the ASME Section VIII, Divison 1 (“U” Stamp), Section 1 (“S” stamp) or the Certification of Pressure Piping and Power Boilers (“PP” Stamp).

The mid-Atlantic locations of these fabrication resources also put us within within close freight range of the entire eastern seaboard (and much of the Midwest) for fast, economical shipping logistics.


Consistent Quality

Uncompromising quality leads to extended reliability.  LAPCO insists on full compliance with the company’s stringent quality standards, from design review throughout the manufacturing and testing process.  Every piece of equipment that is manufactured will receive a pressure test in accordance with the requirements set by the customer or by ASME.  All products that are designed and built in accordance with ASME will be inspected and certified by a third-party authorized inspector.

Non-destructive examination (NDE) is also available, providing an even higher level of quality.  All NDE will be performed by inspectors that have been qualified by LAPCO or certified in accordance with ASME SNTC-TC-1A.  The most common types of NDE available include Visual Examination, Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT), Radiographic Testing (RT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) and Positive Material Identification (PMT).