Products & Applications



LAPCO-inset_v06Finning Methods:

  • Edge Wound
  • Footed “L” Fin
  • Embedded
  • Extruded
  • Welded Fin

Tubing Materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Copper Nickel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hastelloy®
  • Inconel®
  • Duplex stainless
  • other materials also available to fit specialized applications.


LAPCO-inset_v04Available in a wide variety of configurations, including fabricated boxes, rectangular tube or round pipe barrels. The connections can be supplied with a number of different mating styles, including:

  • Raised Face Slip-On (RFSO)
  • Rasied Face Weld Neck (RFWN)
  • Raised Face Threaded (RFTHD)
  • Male Pipe Thread (MPT)
  • Victaulic Grooves
  • Plain or Butt Weld Ends

Typical joining methods: brazing, rolling, welding, orbital welding. 100_0490

Inner Distributing Tube Steam Coils

innerdistributingtube-diagram Commonly referred to within the industry as “non-freeze” coils, this type of coil is typically specified for applications that may use 100% outside air that is 32°F or below. While certain conditions may still cause steam coils to freeze—particularly if they are not properly specified, designed, manufactured, and installed. LAPCO engineers are familiar with the special considerations associated with extreme environments.

Outer Frame & Transition Assemblies

LAPCO-homepage-gallery_v03 LAPCO-inset_v02

Coil casings will vary widely according to the environment. LAPCO always works closely with customers to determine what type of coil casing is most appropriate for a given application. For processes that require specific duct pressures to be maintained, LAPCO can provide airtight outer frames. In particularly complex installations, where the duct must connect to a larger coil cross-sectional area, we can engineer transition assemblies to ensure smooth, reliable integration in to the surrounding system.



Industries Served

You can rely on LAPCO to deliver cost-effective, reliable systems design and integration for a full spectrum of applications, including:

  • Combustion Air Reheating
  • Boiler Air Preheating
  • De-superheating
  • Pocket Vent Heating
  • Fluid Bed Heating
  • In-Bed Drying
  • Economizers
  • Wall Heaters
  • Flue Gas Reheating
  • Biomass Heating and Cooling
  • Oil Coolers
  • Turbine Inlet Heating & Cooling
  • Sub-Cooling
  • Generator Cooling
  • Autoclave
  • Air-Cooled Condensers